Apply: Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer Application

Required Qualifications (Check all that apply)

   Chief Engineer Unlimited (Diesel/Motor)
   Basic Training
   Rating Forming Part of a Engineering Watch (RFPEW)
   STCW without limitation
   Valid TWIC
   U.S. citizen with valid passport
   Valid USCG Medical Certificate (STCW date valid)
   AMO member or must be willing to join

Preferred Additional Qualifications (Check all that apply)

   U.S. Security Clearance
MSC Training
   Damage Control (every 5 years)
   Environmental Awareness (every 5 years)
   CBRD orientation (every 5 years)
   Small Arms (annual)
   Watch stander basic and advanced (annual)
   Ship Reaction Force (every 3 years)

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